Patience Is Truly the Best Virtue When an Aging Parent Doesn’t Want to Talk About Assisted Living

Have you ever had a moment when you just wanted to give up, that the person you were trying to talk to wouldn’t listen? Parents who have teenagers can often understand this circumstance, but it can happen in many other situations, too. One of those situations could be when a parent is getting older, may be living alone, and having trouble with their own basic care.

The topic of assisted living can be frustrating for many, not just the family who was concerned about this elderly individual, but that senior himself or herself, too. It can be frustrating because, in many situations, these seniors assume their family, their own children, siblings, and others just want to ‘pawn them off’ and not have to deal with them.

In reality, assisted living can be a wonderful option.

Those who understand what assisted living can offer realize it’s an incredible opportunity for those seniors who choose this long-term care facility for their future. It’s a wonderful option because not only do seniors get the opportunity to remain as independent as they wish, given their physical capabilities, but they also often have access to wonderful activities, great peers who likely understand the challenges they face and could even share similar hobbies and other interests, and also a wonderful dining option.

Elderly men and women will no longer have to worry about their primary residence.

They wouldn’t have to worry about the furnace, air conditioning, having somebody come over to help them with one minor maintenance repair or another, or even having to worry about the property, staying safe, or doing other things, even in the middle of the night if they have difficulty just getting out of bed.

Resistance to simply talking about the topic can be frustrating, but patience is necessary.

Some seniors will never open up to the idea of assisted living, and that is certainly their choice. While this may seem to place undue pressure on an adult child or other individual who lives close to them (to take care of them, go shopping with them, and do other things to help support them), that still doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to decide where they live.

The best remedy is to be patient, learn as much as possible about assisted living, and observe what’s going on in the senior’s life. Take a look at how they are handling things, or not, and that could provide a launching point to begin discussing assisted living more openly and honestly.

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About Sam Vesa

Mr. Samuel Vesa and his wife Elena Vesa are the manager and owners of Pipestone Place Assisted Living. Located in a lovely North Central suburb of San Antonio TX their distinguished fifteen resident, private pay facility provides care for seniors with moderate to advanced stages of Short-Term Memory Loss and other Dementia related illnesses that cause confusion and forgetfulness.

Their compassionate family owned and operated facility is recognized in the local community for the unique quality of care and service. Families often say that after placing their loved one at Pipestone Place they are finally at peace knowing that they can be at home or at work knowing their loved is Safe, Clean and cared for with dignity and respect they deserve.