Memory Care Assisted Living in San Antonio

According to The Alzheimer’s Association there are 7 stages of Alzheimer’s Disease sometimes called Dementia or Short-Term Memory Loss.

  • Stage 1:  No impairment
  • Stage 2:  Very mild decline
  • Stage 3:  Mild decline
  • Stage 4:  Moderate decline
  • Stage 5:  Moderately severe decline
  • Stage 6:  Severe decline
  • Stage 7:  Very severe decline

 In our discussion we will look at Stage 4-7.

 Stage 4 and 5 are Mid or Moderate stages of Short-Term Memory Loss.

  • Short term memory is becoming more impaired
  • Person becomes more irritable or nervous
  • Games such as bridge becoming more difficult
  • Forgetting or unable to recall phone numbers
  • Selecting proper clothing becomes difficult

Stage 6 and 7 are Advanced stages of Short-Term Memory Loss

  • Sleep patterns are severely effected
  • Having trouble recognizing family members
  • Needs help with dressing, showering and toileting
  • May require eating reminders or eating assistance
  • Able to only say short or broken sentences
  • Becoming more child-like behavior
  • Total care may be required

Small Group – Closer Supervision

Close supervision can be hard to find.  Using residential home in a quiet, upscale communities, we provide a more intimate setting for a small number of residents.  The resident to caregiver ration is more than double that of a large institutional setting.  Every resident receives personal attention and assistance tailored to their specific needs.

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