What Could Memory Care Assisted Living Offer Someone with Dementia?

Assisted Living in Alamo Heights TX: Determining the best place for somebody who has recently been diagnosed with dementia may not always seem easy. That’s why assisted living is a great idea.

How Can You Support an Aging Parent When You Live So Far Away?

Assisted Living in Alamo Heights TX: For those who may live on the other side of the country from their aging parents, when they suddenly recognize those parents are having trouble with their own basic care, it seems like there’s nothing they can do.

At What Point Is It Time to Discuss Assisted Living with Mom?

Assisted Living in Alamo Heights TX: At what point is it time to sit down and have a serious and honest conversation with your mother about assisted living? This is a common question a lot of family members have when they worry about the safety and well-being of their loved ones.

How Seniors Cope with a Move to Assisted Living When They Have Hearing Loss

Assisted Living in Alamo Heights TX: For seniors who are planning to move into assisted living, hearing loss can make that transition much more difficult.

Mom Finally Agreed to Assisted Living: How You Can Help Her Make the Transition

Assisted Living in Alamo Heights, TX You have been worried about your mom for many months now. Since your father passed away eight months ago, your mom is grieving, her health is also declining, and she is all alone in the house. As much as you would love to step up and be a caregiver […]

How to Convince a Friend to Consider Moving in to Your Assisted Living Facility

Assisted Living in Alamo Heights, TX You’ve been residing in the same assisted living facility for a couple of years and even though it wasn’t at the top of your list of places to move to at the time, you are incredibly grateful that you did. Maybe it was a family member who convinced you […]

Helping Your Elderly Loved One Adjust to Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Alamo Heights, TX – One Daughter Learns the Value of Encouraging Her Mother to Be Patient in Her New Assisted Living Environment It took Dana more than five months to convince her mother to consider moving to assisted living. At times, Dana’s mother didn’t even want to hear what she had to say. […]

Is Your Elderly Loved One Skeptical About Assisted Living? Help Them Learn the Benefits.

Assisted Living in Alamo Heights, TX – Helping Your Senior Understand that Suggesting Assisted Living is Showing You Care A lot of families actually believe that mentioning assisted living to an elderly loved one would indicate that they don’t really care about them. This is a general side effect of common misconceptions about what assisted living actually […]

How to Actually Feel Younger by Moving to Assisted Living

Assisted Living in Alamo Heights, TX – When it’s Easier to Be Active and Engage with Others, Feeling Younger Comes Naturally There are some people who assume that moving into an assisted living facility is acceptance of older age. They may feel that the best years of their life are well behind them, but in […]

Should You be Worried about Ebola in an Assisted Living Community?

 Assisted Living in Alamo Heights, TX – Other Common Illnesses are More Likely to Put Your Loved One at Risk than Ebola There has been so much hype about Ebola in the news media that it would seem the virus is actually everywhere. This has caused a number of people to worry about their loved […]