What Questions Might Be Pertinent When Searching for Assisted Living?

What Questions Might Be Pertinent When Searching for Assisted Living?

Searching out a quality assisted living community may take some time. After all, if an elderly person is looking at this with some hope and enthusiasm, they want to make sure they choose the right place for them.

Not every assisted living community is the same. Some will offer more support than others. Some may provide more activities while other facilities may have better dining options. Some memory care assisted living communities will also be more ideally suited for somebody diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another type of dementia.

When searching for the right assisted living community for himself or herself, seniors should be encouraged to ask as many questions as necessary to focus in on the perfect place. Here are a few questions someone might consider asking when going on a tour or just calling around to get some initial information about these facilities.

Question About Assisted Living #1: What support do you offer residents?

If an aging senior is able to take care of himself or herself for the most part right now, that’s a great thing. It’s also easy to overlook the prospect of needing assistance in the future.

If an assisted living facility provides physical support to aging residents in the event they need help getting out of bed every once in a while, that would be pertinent to know. If this will not be provided on a regular basis, though, that could be an important factor as well.

Question About Assisted Living #2: How often can residents have visitors?

Can family or friends stop by just about any time of the day or evening for visiting? Does the facility have specific hours dedicated for visiting with family and friends? Some may be concerned about the comfort of all of their residents and limit visiting hours. This could be an essential thing to know before making that decision.

Question About Assisted Living #3: What if residents have concerns?

Also, what if family members have concerns about their aging loved one at this facility? Who would they speak to? How responsive is the staff to these concerns? A quality assisted living facility should be highly responsive and welcome comments, questions, and concerns from the residents and possibly even their family support systems.

Question About Assisted Living #4: Do you offer off-site activities or trips?

Do seniors have the opportunity to visit art galleries, museums, malls, parks, or other points of interest? Does the facility provide transportation to get to doctor’s appointments?

By asking these questions, an aging senior will able to determine which place is perfectly suited for their specific needs at this point in their life.

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Mr. Samuel Vesa and his wife Elena Vesa are the manager and owners of Pipestone Place Assisted Living. Located in a lovely North Central suburb of San Antonio TX their distinguished fifteen resident, private pay facility provides care for seniors with moderate to advanced stages of Short-Term Memory Loss and other Dementia related illnesses that cause confusion and forgetfulness.

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